Friday, December 07, 2007

Black Train

Philip Lam
March 14, 2007
December 7, 2007

Seated alone in a long black train…I hear the sounds of weeping rain…Out of the window all is a blur…Looking for movement, but nothing will stir…Nothing but silence is heard by the ear…And all that is in sight is sadness and fear…Upon the ceiling a shattered light…A flicker or two is seen through the night…The turning of wheels along the iron tracks…Sounds like the devil preparing the racks…The soul burning engine that fuels the black train…Turns the hope into deep dark pain…The conductor in front with black hollowed eyes…Stares through the abounding colorless skies…The emotion has fled, from his expressionless face…No cause to give joy no reason for haste…The clock is just ticking, again and again…Yet still hasn’t moved from the hour of sin…It’s broken and shattered, in too many places...Life is hard for so many faces…There’s no passenger onboard that has reason…No heart that hasn’t, commented its treason…Slowly so slowly, eyelids are closing…Minds in search, hearts reposing…Head in hand, it turns to rest…The easement of the burden chest…The eyelids that flutter, shut tight…And in the calmness the heart is brought to light…

Thursday, January 11, 2007

From Life, To Death, To Life Again

Philip Lam
January 11, 2007
A question then an answer
A short farewell and goodbye
A planning then a prayer
A thought; the end may be near.
Two days later and a long walk amongst the steps of service
Through the tunnel of sorrow
Then, awaiting the opening of the hatch
Another step of no return
A sad repose as the door slides slowly close
A deep longing to turn back then remembering it was voluntary
Your answer was “I’ll go”
A light blinks on and then a signal to jump
A sudden tickle in the stomach, a surprising gulp in the throat
The door slides back and a pallor ray of light beams in
Then the leap of faith
A rush of cool air hits hard
A set release and a reassuring jerk
A heavy landing and a moment of bewilderment
A second to look, a second to thank God
A whistle to regroup
While one by one they call, “present”
A quick glance at one another to enkindle a little hope
Then a signal to move on
A moment later a movement to the side
A sudden “Take cover!!” was cried.
Then a dreaded sound of hell unleashed
A ghost of an enemy let its daunting wail upon us
One hit, two hurt, unknown killed
A shout, a scream….surrounded….
A fear takes hold…. “RUN!!” all that is said
The sudden rush of guilt hits heavy
As the sound of your comrades shrill cries die
An hour later at a place to rest and sigh
“All alone” was the thought that rang through….
Still another sleepless night
Knowing that tomorrow is another day with God’s forgiving light.
A sad and lonely sound,
Another tear against the ground
Still living and still marching down an unknown path
Trying to hold on to a joy that doesn’t exist
Then a sudden snap of twig an abrupt click
Then a thought….No….
A familiar sound and a piercing blow
An unpredictable fall, a searing pain
A stunning freeze and a sudden, “Lord, please”
A grasp of realism and death
Then a consuming darkness and want of sleep
“Not yet,” was all
An attempt to yell, a want to scream
A loss of strength and of hope
A faded dream of family and love
….Then silence….

Awakening to a touch of warmth and a gentle whisper
Saying, “From life, to death, to life again,”
Looking up a figure of grace, clothed in silk so fine
Reaching out a hand of comfort
An overwhelming joy turned me
Into the same child of God, as when I was a boy
The hand of the figure
Raised up upon my head and I said “I finally understand.”

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Slow Down

Sometimes you just need to slow down.....
...And tell someone you love them...
....Or look at all of God's amazing creations...

Pause for a moment and hear the sounds of the world........Take time to pet an animal........And listen to nature as it speaks to you....

If you don't take your time........Then time may pass you by, unnoticed and forgotten....

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Gangster from Hell

By Philip Lam
November 9, 2006
I lay in bed wiping the sweat off my head
In a one man room where my heart feels entombed
The stench of beer and smoke
Lies on my clothes like an invisible cloak
And I’m wondering, is this really how my life should be?
To roam the street like a fool in defeat
No, I won’t go down like this,
Earning my bounty with my fist
And checking off my victim list
I’ve lived by the barrel of a gun,
Cursing all I’ve done
Every shot that I’ve fired
Was another man’s life…..expired…..
I remember every soul I dragged to Hell’s gate;
As they pleaded for mercy, I sealed their fate
I’ve seen real terror in the eyes of my prey
As they search for words that they might say
I feel like a gangster from hell
Waiting to burst out of my blazing shell.

I’ve had enough of all your babbling…Satan...
I don’t work for you any longer
All you did was pull me in with my human hunger
I didn’t know what to do, or who to turn to at the time
But now I’m gonna spit my own rhyme
And weave my own line
It’s my life, not yours
So I’m shutting you down, with fiery fist
Cause I ain’t listening to your devilish hiss
You locked me away in your cage
And all it’s done, is filled my heart with colossal rage
I’m breaking free from your red hot claws
And I’m gonna abide by God’s laws
It’s who I am and what I do
So if you want me, you’re gonna have to face it through
Cause I’m a man to be feared
And you’re a devil to be jeered
Just try to take my soul
And I’ll thrust my fist through your head, and you’ll be wishing I was dead.

I’m a free soul now
And I’m gonna take revenge
You trapped me in a room, where my temper fumed
But I broke through and left you
Now I’m back, and I’m strong with the power of God and that’s a fact
So if you’re messing with me you’re messing with Him
Come on, stand up, right in front of me
Bring all the help you want
And I’m gonna show you, the Divine Three
You’ll start to cry, and wish you could die
And I’m gonna show you pity that you never showed me
And when you shriek for mercy you’ll get what you deprived me of
You’ll get charity and grace but only if you ask
For every stroke against a soul and for all your wrongs you’ve done
I will cry with blood stricken tears for every soul that I hold dear
I’ll strike you back seven times harder and deeper then any blow you’ve given
If you want me to stop, then you’re gonna have to ask it of Him
He allowed me to see you face to face,
So now I’m gonna show you a bit of His grace.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Do you Remember

By Philip Lam
November 5, 2006
I have only one question of thee
Do you remember the man whose heart you broke?
The man whose sorrow and pain you wrote
Do you remember the man whose trust you froze cold?
The man whose weariness and troubles you hold
And do you remember the man whose kindness you faulted?
The man whose love you halted.

Think back upon the moments he gave you
Do you remember the man who gave you, your first red rose?
The one who shared his deepest woes
Do you remember the man who was your gallant knight?
The one who would fight all through the night
And do you remember the man who would do anything for you?
The man who said “Just tell me what to do.”

This man loved you more then any other
So do you remember the man who did his very best?
The man that completed your every test
Do you remember the man who was as warming as the morning sun?
The man who was never done
And do you remember the man who was as mighty as the ocean sea
The man who would not flee.

I tell you I truly do, for I am the one who loved you
I remember when your glistening eyes would look up upon me
I would lift you up dance with thee
I remember when I came home, bleeding and hurt you would turn to a corner and cry
I would say “Oh please oh please do not cry for when you do I feel I shall die”
I remember our first kiss
Do you remember that time, the time that I still miss?

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Swimming through Hell

By Philip Lam
October 18, 2006
I’m swimming through the flames of hell and I can’t turn back
Stroke after stroke wears me down
And I wish I could be done although I feel I must go on
Life is like a great marathon that goes on and never ends
Just like a race there are rules that can not be bent
Don’t know what to do, I’m tired yet still must go on cue.

The water is the edge of hell’s door ever slowing me down making me stay at shore
One mistake could send me falling into the depths of hell so keep to my technique or fail
It is the wall that blocks me from the goal at hand
So as the blade of God I must slice through the wall as straight as a needle
As swift as a cheetah will I glide no matter how strong or wide
Not this time or any other, will you claim my soul into the dark depths of your domain.

My ever tiring arms are what pull me through to You
Without them I would surely fall because they are what hold me tall
Nice and steady I must keep them or to tired will I become
They must never go to fast nor to slow or shambles will I be after I lose my key
Always in a rhythm will they be never looking forward at this endless sea
These are the bearings that lift me up to You, weary they become yet still they are fairing.

Each breath I take is as if giving into desire and nearing that eternal fire
Though I crave for air I must hold it in till I can not hold any longer
For each breath slows me down and I fear I’ll never be found
Oh curse this dreaded life that makes me go through such strife
I can not wait to reach the flags knowing that I’m nearing my tag
When final I may pass that weary and dreadful task.

Nearer and nearer I come to being done but still I must go on
For second after second ticks on and moment after moment counts
For without speed I’ll fall fast into last
And if I’m last, fall I will, into that horrid place where they creep and crawl
Ahhh! The pain is unbearable yet sacrifices must be made to reach the final day
For there I shall rejoice because my task is has been completed and I’ll look back and say
“Oh at least it was good fun but I’m glad I’m finally done.”

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Prayer Requests

We pray for the repose of the convicted.
>For the new recruits in Iraq.
>For the war to cease.
>For abortion to stop.
>For killing to halt.

We pray for faith, hope, and charity.
>For loved ones to return home.
>For a peace in the world.
>For the forgiveness of others.
>And for each other to live in happiness.

Through Angel's Eyes

By Philip Lam
October 17, 2006
Made by God to serve and obey, I will fight day after day
God has given us the privilege to see His angelical face, and that is reward enough
We are gifted with power beyond all creatures yet we obey man’s call
We bade the call of men because we are servants to them who have authority over us
We are divine soldiers who help souls in need of God’s grace
Our Majestic knowledge knows no boundary
We are protectors of the humankind
Together we pray for all the troubled hearts who seek to know the truth
We fend off Satan and all his minions who wage war on the temples of God.

Those who could not follow and obey as I do, have fallen to my blade
I defeated all traitors, with God by my side guiding me all the way
It is a never ending battle against Satan and all his demonic friends
Though he once was my brother, he denied God and therefore denied me
He cursed me and all who followed Christ
I wept for him for he and all the others by him are my brethren who have fallen
But now my tears are hardened for he is no longer my brother, he has cursed our Creator
The very person who gave him life, and the very person that loved him.

So when I fight I know I do not fight my brother for my brother is dead
No brother of mine scorns the almighty One
He may look as my brother but I say to you he is merely another demon of hell
My brother Lucifer died along time ago he is now and forever gone
In his place came Satan the king of all evil
Glad would I be to smite his foul head off and end his plague of sin
The plague that cause mankind to suffer and fall
Oh let the burden of hell be gone from this world not even man should feel its sting.

We have been called to arms by God to attack the realm of the wicked one
We will charge into the mouth of hell into the very land which the foredoomed one stay
With banners flying and men praying we engage the enemy and let loose our power
The fires of hell blaze with anger and dismay and their battle cries are deafening
The distorted figures that rise from the flames curse and screech in fury
They crawl and they spring, they snatch and they claw fighting as mad animals
We soldiers do not back down we fight to the end to get rid of the sin
We have gallantly road into the depths of hell seeking lost souls
I now we’ve returned with the help of Gods grace and again can we serve and obey
As divine soldiers day after day.

A Friendly Companion

Prayer for Battle

By Loree Lam

Dear God, in my heart, help me to create a Holy Suit of Armor and battle tactics that not even Satan can penetrate. Joan of Ark ride with me as I move forward on this Journey in Life, help me to be armed and ready for all of Satan’s deceptive ways. Saint Michael lead me in the days of battle. Christ fill me with understanding and wisdom that will help me to stand up strong and reach my final call. Let your light shine brightly so the path will be clear and I pray, that your light will reflect off of me for others to see and follow. Please send an army of angels to accompany me as long as I walk this perilous journey. And know O Lord, that above all things my love is for you. Christ, the source of all my strength, be in my thoughts, and in my words and in my heart today, tomorrow, and always. Amen

Brothers in Spirit

By Philip Lam
September 26, 2006
Feel thy fur of silk so fine,
And lovely lustrous mane,
Thy nobility knows no bounds
And loyalty no pain
On thy back I wilt ride,
With my head, held high,
Toward the eastern sky
With mighty spurs of steel
I’m off to the western desert
Proud am I to gallop far and wide
Along the southern shore
Now to the northern wind we fly
Past Asgard and old Thor
Around the world we’ve gone
No rope or metal can hold us down
For never can we stay bound
We are as brothers who deny a farewell
Together we will stay
One man and one horse
Wandering the world without a course.


By Philip Lam
September 30, 2006
There’s destined
There’s youth
There’s old
And there’s dead.

No matter how old
Or how young
How wise
Or how dumb
How large
Or how small,

You will never
Be greater,
Or holier
Then God.

For he is our
Our Master,
Our Teacher,
Our Savior,
And Our Beloved Father.

So listen to Him
Obey Him,
Worship Him,
Praise Him,
Trust Him,
And Love Him
Forever and ever

Soldiers for Christ

By Philip Lam
October 10, 2006
To arms, young soldiers of Christ
Cloak yourself with the chain mail of love
Laden yourself with the armor of the angels
Sheath yourself with the shields of divine mercy
Furnish yourself with the angelical sword of God
Mount yourself upon the steed of majestic grace
March with the virtuous saints of Christ.

Forward youthful soldiers of Christ
Rally those who have awaken from evil
Gather those who have trusted in Christ
Call those who listen to the word of God
Assemble those who are true to the faith
Arouse those who have waited in mediation
Train the newly recruited men of Christ.

Demonstrate, blossoming soldiers of Christ
Teach all the way of the faith
Instruct all in the purpose of life
Shape all into the perfect warriors of Christ
Mold all into fishers of men
Guide all who ask for guidance from the Lord
Lead these men to thy glorious victory.

Shepherd untried soldiers of Christ
Charge the enemies of the church
Drive out the devilish people in God’s name
Advance on the enemy threshold
Tear down the fake idols and let them burn
Cast out the devils that lurk within men
And prepare for the coming of our King.

Make ready loyal soldiers of Christ
Weep for those who have fallen from God
Repent for forgiveness
Cleanse yourself for the coming of Christ
Redeem yourself for judgment will be passed
Meditate on the holy scriptures of God
For the Kingdom of Heaven is near.

Laden with Man's Emotion

By Philip Lam
October 17, 2006
Who has given you wisdom that you may learn
Who has given you mastery that you may lead
Who has given you emotion that you may love
He gives to us our freedom that we may
Learn, lead, and love each other
Who but God can give us salvation?

But who has opened desire that we may lust
Who has opened guilt that we may loath
Who has opened treachery that we may lie
He opened to us our wants that we may
Lust, loath, and lie to each other
Who but Satan tries to bring us into subjection?

And who has given you life that you may live in His service
Who has given you himself that you may live in sanctity
Who has given you peace that you may live in serenity
He shows to us the path to take that we may live in His
Service, sanctity, and serenity if we choose to follow Him
Who but Jesus Christ can give us complete tranquility?

But who has unleashed chaos that we may live in shambles
Who has unleashed hate that we may live in shame
Who has unleashed fear that we may be subdued
He unleashed to us sin that we may live in
Shambles, shame, and be subdued by his evil ways
Who but Lucifer would bring to us deception?

Man’s life was gifted in grace by God
But in his ignorance gives way to Satan’s seductive ways
Man’s life is a war against Satan
Struggling to reach Heaven yet tempted by desire
If man so lad en’s himself with possessions of the earth
Then he may never experience the gifts of God
For as the bible has said
“It is easier for a poor man to reach Heaven”
“Than it is for a rich man with many possessions too”
God has given you freewill so with freewill find your way to God again.

Come all ye People

By Philip Lam
October 12, 2006

Come, all ye people
Let the grace of God spread throughout the air
For the divine heart is here oh ever so near
Let His words reach the darkest corners of the earth
For no man goes unnoticed, under God’s focus
Let every ear be open to hear the call of Jesus
For God wants all to follow Him, and not to let the devil swallow them

Come, all ye people
Let the joy of thy grace shine through thy face’s
For the love of thy King must radiate like the beauty of thy angels’ wings
Let thy King come to us in fame, to heal the sick and lame
For we are as sheep who need a Shepard to guide us through the night
Let the hearts of thy faithful explore thy angelical Words
For we are as infants that need thy majestic knowledge to speak.

Come, all ye people
Let God’s perpetual knowledge guide us through the night
For we are as blind men without Him
Let God’s sensational love show us, the way to act
For we are as moronic people, not knowing what to do without Him
Let God’s faith teach us how to reach Heaven
For we are as skeptic fools, without guidance.

Come, all ye people
Let God’s messages spread throughout the land so that we may understand
For we can not began to comprehend the mysteries of heaven
Let God come to me in the sign of the divine three
For without a doubt, I will know that it is Him
Let the entire world know that You are Yahweh
For only through you can we enter into the Kingdom of Heaven