Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Slow Down

Sometimes you just need to slow down.....
...And tell someone you love them...
....Or look at all of God's amazing creations...

Pause for a moment and hear the sounds of the world........Take time to pet an animal........And listen to nature as it speaks to you....

If you don't take your time........Then time may pass you by, unnoticed and forgotten....

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Gangster from Hell

By Philip Lam
November 9, 2006
I lay in bed wiping the sweat off my head
In a one man room where my heart feels entombed
The stench of beer and smoke
Lies on my clothes like an invisible cloak
And I’m wondering, is this really how my life should be?
To roam the street like a fool in defeat
No, I won’t go down like this,
Earning my bounty with my fist
And checking off my victim list
I’ve lived by the barrel of a gun,
Cursing all I’ve done
Every shot that I’ve fired
Was another man’s life…..expired…..
I remember every soul I dragged to Hell’s gate;
As they pleaded for mercy, I sealed their fate
I’ve seen real terror in the eyes of my prey
As they search for words that they might say
I feel like a gangster from hell
Waiting to burst out of my blazing shell.

I’ve had enough of all your babbling…Satan...
I don’t work for you any longer
All you did was pull me in with my human hunger
I didn’t know what to do, or who to turn to at the time
But now I’m gonna spit my own rhyme
And weave my own line
It’s my life, not yours
So I’m shutting you down, with fiery fist
Cause I ain’t listening to your devilish hiss
You locked me away in your cage
And all it’s done, is filled my heart with colossal rage
I’m breaking free from your red hot claws
And I’m gonna abide by God’s laws
It’s who I am and what I do
So if you want me, you’re gonna have to face it through
Cause I’m a man to be feared
And you’re a devil to be jeered
Just try to take my soul
And I’ll thrust my fist through your head, and you’ll be wishing I was dead.

I’m a free soul now
And I’m gonna take revenge
You trapped me in a room, where my temper fumed
But I broke through and left you
Now I’m back, and I’m strong with the power of God and that’s a fact
So if you’re messing with me you’re messing with Him
Come on, stand up, right in front of me
Bring all the help you want
And I’m gonna show you, the Divine Three
You’ll start to cry, and wish you could die
And I’m gonna show you pity that you never showed me
And when you shriek for mercy you’ll get what you deprived me of
You’ll get charity and grace but only if you ask
For every stroke against a soul and for all your wrongs you’ve done
I will cry with blood stricken tears for every soul that I hold dear
I’ll strike you back seven times harder and deeper then any blow you’ve given
If you want me to stop, then you’re gonna have to ask it of Him
He allowed me to see you face to face,
So now I’m gonna show you a bit of His grace.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Do you Remember

By Philip Lam
November 5, 2006
I have only one question of thee
Do you remember the man whose heart you broke?
The man whose sorrow and pain you wrote
Do you remember the man whose trust you froze cold?
The man whose weariness and troubles you hold
And do you remember the man whose kindness you faulted?
The man whose love you halted.

Think back upon the moments he gave you
Do you remember the man who gave you, your first red rose?
The one who shared his deepest woes
Do you remember the man who was your gallant knight?
The one who would fight all through the night
And do you remember the man who would do anything for you?
The man who said “Just tell me what to do.”

This man loved you more then any other
So do you remember the man who did his very best?
The man that completed your every test
Do you remember the man who was as warming as the morning sun?
The man who was never done
And do you remember the man who was as mighty as the ocean sea
The man who would not flee.

I tell you I truly do, for I am the one who loved you
I remember when your glistening eyes would look up upon me
I would lift you up dance with thee
I remember when I came home, bleeding and hurt you would turn to a corner and cry
I would say “Oh please oh please do not cry for when you do I feel I shall die”
I remember our first kiss
Do you remember that time, the time that I still miss?