Thursday, January 11, 2007

From Life, To Death, To Life Again

Philip Lam
January 11, 2007
A question then an answer
A short farewell and goodbye
A planning then a prayer
A thought; the end may be near.
Two days later and a long walk amongst the steps of service
Through the tunnel of sorrow
Then, awaiting the opening of the hatch
Another step of no return
A sad repose as the door slides slowly close
A deep longing to turn back then remembering it was voluntary
Your answer was “I’ll go”
A light blinks on and then a signal to jump
A sudden tickle in the stomach, a surprising gulp in the throat
The door slides back and a pallor ray of light beams in
Then the leap of faith
A rush of cool air hits hard
A set release and a reassuring jerk
A heavy landing and a moment of bewilderment
A second to look, a second to thank God
A whistle to regroup
While one by one they call, “present”
A quick glance at one another to enkindle a little hope
Then a signal to move on
A moment later a movement to the side
A sudden “Take cover!!” was cried.
Then a dreaded sound of hell unleashed
A ghost of an enemy let its daunting wail upon us
One hit, two hurt, unknown killed
A shout, a scream….surrounded….
A fear takes hold…. “RUN!!” all that is said
The sudden rush of guilt hits heavy
As the sound of your comrades shrill cries die
An hour later at a place to rest and sigh
“All alone” was the thought that rang through….
Still another sleepless night
Knowing that tomorrow is another day with God’s forgiving light.
A sad and lonely sound,
Another tear against the ground
Still living and still marching down an unknown path
Trying to hold on to a joy that doesn’t exist
Then a sudden snap of twig an abrupt click
Then a thought….No….
A familiar sound and a piercing blow
An unpredictable fall, a searing pain
A stunning freeze and a sudden, “Lord, please”
A grasp of realism and death
Then a consuming darkness and want of sleep
“Not yet,” was all
An attempt to yell, a want to scream
A loss of strength and of hope
A faded dream of family and love
….Then silence….

Awakening to a touch of warmth and a gentle whisper
Saying, “From life, to death, to life again,”
Looking up a figure of grace, clothed in silk so fine
Reaching out a hand of comfort
An overwhelming joy turned me
Into the same child of God, as when I was a boy
The hand of the figure
Raised up upon my head and I said “I finally understand.”